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BL In A Timely Manner Stripping Agent

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Unit Price: US $7.38 - 12.57 / Piece
0.05kg Sku: DSH-0035
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Quantity Price Processing time
1 US $12.57 1 Days
2-5 US $10.52 2 Days
6-10 US $9.56 3 Days
11-15 US $8.69 5 Days
16-50 US $7.38 7 Days
Quantity: Piece
Shipping Cost: Calculated at checkout
Total Cost: US $ 12.57
Product Description
¡¾Description¡¿£ºBleaching agent in time: Wenxiu wipe on the spot when something goes wrong, (after wenxiu with at the time, wenxiu cannot use) Principle: Containing biological active ingredient, specially added can effectively decompose pigment molecules drift in an instant, help modify wenxiu errors in a timely manner. Usage: 1, touch directly take the essence, inunction with wenxiu error area, to free desalinate pigment, 3 to 5 minutes after the restart wenxiu be operation. 2, for a long time to change the small parts, but empty needle repeatedly inunction after essence, until fade
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