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PCD Eyebrow Ministry Repair Agent Blue

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Unit Price: US $1.79 - 3.87 / Piece
0.035kg Sku: DSH-0036-1
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1 US $3.87 1 Days
2-5 US $1.93 2 Days
6-10 US $1.87 3 Days
11-15 US $1.82 5 Days
16-50 US $1.79 7 Days
Quantity: Piece
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Total Cost: US $ 3.87
Product Description
¡¾Description¡¿£ºNote: please indicate to the brow, also the lips. Otherwise random delivery Shelf life: 3 years Main efficacy: wenxiu eyebrow Floating lip dot mole The spot after repair Suit a crowd: all the crowd Product features: plants, herbal essence, fast repair, to heal damaged skin Product introduction: Aloe essence, effective sterilization to promote wound healing Containing BFGF, activating factor and honey essence repair factor, vitamin c, vitamin E and other antioxidants, for lip mucosa damaged skin tissue repair after use, can quickly repair trauma, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, detumescence, moist, to prevent the occurrence of prevention scabby scar. Through high-tech extraction, using pure plant extracts and become a kind of natural antibiotics, not greasy, can not block pore, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, swelling, stop bleeding, acne, desensitization, speed up the cell division, post-operative wound healing and repair with special effects. Method of use: this product is very safe, no side effects, long-term use can make skin fresh, fine and smooth. Note: avoid light preservation Because the weather was cold in the north, the second generation of the fixing agent can appear sometimes crowded not to come out, can open with cotton daub, convenient and practical! The latest three generations of fixing agent vacuum packaging.
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